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Looking back over the class as a whole, I have very thoroughly enjoyed it. Each reading built upon the last and they all had an interlocking connection. If a class were to go about doing the same assignments and using the same materials we did, I would have a few suggestions to make. The very first one is that, despite class discussions and all the offered help, some of the subjects were rather confusing. They took a large amount of time to think over and, with all the other classes and the other jobs us students are involved in, finding the time to organize thoughts became a very difficult process. They required brainstorming, then organizing, and finally revising. I felt very stressed through some of the pieces to come up with the correct answer, as I lacked the time and the energy to focus on this subject for too long. However, I feel as though the information was presented very clearly. If I had the desired length of time to put towards the assignment, then it would be much easier to confidently complete. I also very much liked how the blog forced the class to communicate and befriend each other. Despite the differences that posed for the actual classroom setting, it opened up an insight to each other’s lives that I feel we would’ve missed in the normal classroom setting. I really enjoyed how engaged everyone was during the classroom discussions, as this also helped open up the floor to everyone. And I was surprisingly shocked to see all the different talents in the class; it was an awesome opportunity to take part in those and see how things in everyday life can actually be compared to the lessons we were learning. The examples presented by classmates really helped make some confusing topics clearer, and it gave us all a focal point in our papers. Things that I didn’t really like as much was the amount of work, but that’s because I tend to skate by on as little work as possible. I also didn’t like how some assignments were due over the weekend, as it was a disruption in my few hours of escape. When they were due on a Saturday or Sunday at 5 PM, it took away from the weekend experience for me. However, that’s something that I should just be able to suck up.

As for how the class affected me, I could not entirely tell at this point. I can feel some of the reactions to the class, and I know that some are yet to come because of it. I feel as though the experiences in the class have greatly changed the person I once was. I feel as if a great amount of wisdom was placed within me, as if all the experiences and knowledge of the authors we read has somehow been transferred to me. I know my perspective about life, love, happiness, and everything else in the world has been changed because of this class. Growing up has never meant so much to me; it’s always been an action, not a feeling. And it’s because of that feeling that my head has exploded from the middle. My thoughts about how people view things and about how I view things have been humbled. Even the way I react to situations will be changed because of this class. All the different perspectives of people really surprised me, even though I knew they were there. This class really forced me to look into my own style of thinking and question the very depths of who I was, and I enjoyed the challenge.

At this point, I would like to thank everyone in the class. Without the joined effort of everyone, this class would’ve been an entirely different atmosphere. I very much appreciate the openness everyone had, and I really think respect went a long way. The friendships we’ve all gained will be extremely beneficial to us, I think, and I look forward to seeing everyone outside of class!

And thank you, Veronica, for making this all possible. Without you, our class wouldn’t exist—literally! With the help of your powerful insights, your ability to respond quickly to our questions, and the speed at which our papers were handed back, the class was very successful. The friendly setting of the class went a long way to making everyone comfortable, and talking and discussing things with everyone was based off your little nudges; you were the pinnacle of our discussions, and they would’ve soon digressed had you not been there to step up for us. No amount of thanks will quite suffice!

And so, with great sadness, this class has drawn to its end. Friend me on Facebook, stay in touch, stay safe, and never forget the impact your friends have on your life!

Thank you all for the wonderful experience! I shall cherish the memories!

Tyler Briggs


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  1. I am so glad we had this class together! I like looking back and seeing how we as a class has grown from where we were at the beginning. Thanks for sharing Tyler! (:

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