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Essay 5 Part 2 Rough Draft


[Due to my work schedule, I do not have time to do a full version. I will, however, post one as soon as I can. As for now, here is what I have.]


Berger’s essay:

-power comes only to select people

-relates to how the panopticon eventually makes itself the highest form of government

-power associates itself with money

-panopticon goes to the highest social power, which is always the government itself

-the way we view art is based off how much money someone has claimed it for

-the way we act is based off how many people are watching,


Bordo’s essay:

-advertising is greatly affected by those with money

-those with money have power

-panopticon is power

-advertising affects how we view society

-because of point one, the ones with power decide what society deems acceptable

-panopticon is power, so it decides what is acceptable


Kipnis’s essay:

This one is tough.



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