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[I’ve been having a hard time with this assignment, so these are just some ideas]

Order of essay:

– reword and summarize Foucault’s essay
   — should be first half (ish) of essay

– gently embrace Berger’s essay
   — summary of Berger’s essay (paragraph)

– review of Bordo’s essay through Foucault’s essay
   — summary of Bordo’s essay (paragraph)

– glimpse of Kipnis’s essay
   — summary of Kipnis’s essay (paragraph) 

– conclusive and cohesive expansion between all three

– conclusion 

[like I said, I’m having a difficult time with this. Any advice will help!]


One Comment

  1. This looks like a good outline that will make a good paper. Make sure that you bring them all together and make connections between the four essays. Also this portion was just supposed to be a summary of Foucault. The other parts of your outline are for the second part of the paper. Good Job though.

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