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The example I found is on page 296, where Foucault talks about how military discipline has changed. “Military discipline is no longer a mere means of preventing looting, desertion, or failure to obey orders among the troops; it has become a basic technique to enable the army to exist, not as an assembled crowd, but as a unity that derives from this very unity an increase in its forces; discipline increases the skill of each individual, coordinates these skills, accelerates movements, increases fire power, broadens the fronts of attack without reducing their vigor, increases the capacity for resistance, etc.” This is essentially an important aspect of how unity and discipline has changed throughout the ages. To this day, I believe this is very true. Our military is the most disciplined members of our society today. The reasons for that, not only as Foucault has stated, include the return of the person back into the societal frame of the economy. The character building aspect of the military is incredibly important. The basic principles that military discipline was based on are still being used today, but now they have direction, they have a purpose.


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